Jessica Szohr on Her New Show Complications and Why She Thought Chuck Was Gossip Girl

Just like Penn Badgley, Jessica Szohr didn’t expect Brooklyn outsider Dan Humphrey to end up being Gossip Girl’s anonymous blogger.

Instead, she suspected the Upper East Side’s resident bad boy, Ed Westwick’s Chuck Bass.

“I was shocked!” she told PEOPLE on Thursday night at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas. “I kind of thought it was going to be Chuck Bass the whole time, but then it was kind of too on the nose, so I think they did a good job surprising everyone.”

Though the teen drama’s cast members have all moved on to the next chapter of their careers, Szohr is still in touch with them, especially Westwick and Chace Crawford, one of her “best friends.”

But GG diehards shouldn’t set their hearts on a Full House-style reunion.

“I don’t know about on screen. I think we kind of left, and that was good,” said Szohr, 30. “I think it would be cool for us to get together and talk to our fans. I wouldn’t be opposed to that, but I feel like it’s really hard to get us all together, so I don’t see it happening.”

The actress has plenty of projects to keep her busy: She landed a recurring role on season 2 of DirectTV’s Kingdom and stars as a vigilante nurse in USA’s new drama Complications opposite Jason O’Mara.

“It’s a manic thriller. I know everyone’s like, ‘It’s a medical show, it’s a medical show,’ but there’s so much more outside of the hospital than in. It’s taking two ordinary people that are a doctor and a nurse, and they get thrown in a really gnarly situation, a really complicated situation. We’re in the middle of a drug war,” she teased. “We’re trying to think things through to make the best decisions, but things keep blowing up in front of our face.”

Szohr compared the dynamic between her character, Gretchen, and O’Mara’s Dr. John Ellison to that of Batman and Robin.

“We need each other, but we butt heads at certain times. Gretchen’s a bad ass, and she’s very tough and she’s in the moment and kind of just makes decisions right then and there,” she explained. “John’s very structured and wants to plan everything out, and so that kind of gets on her nerves sometimes. But they make a good team for the most part. It’s exciting. There’s love stories and gang fights and saving people and family stuff. There’s a lot, a lot of crazy stuff.”

‘Complications’ trailer

Eerste foto’s van Ed serie ‘Wicked City’

Naast de eerste foto’s van Ed serie ‘Wicked City’, was hij de afgelopen maanden te vinden in Engeland! Hier bezocht hij enkele events en is hij te zien in het Franse tijdschrift Appolo.

Galerij Links:
http//: 01 Juni: Bezoekt Oxford Union
http//: 27 Juni: 2015 Inaugural Walkabout Foundation Gala
http//: 28 Juni: 2015 FIA Formula E Visa London ePrix
http//: Wicked City (2015) > Seizoen 1: Promotieshoot
http//: Wicked City (2015) > Seizoen 1: Afleveringsstills
http//: Apollo Magazine
http//: Lente 2015: Apollo Magazine (Frankrijk)

Chace & Ed samen op events

Chace en Ed zullen aankomende herfst beide te zien in een tv-serie op de ABC. Daarom waren beide heren ook aanwezig op de ABC Upfonts in mei. Daarnaast vierde Chace afgelopen weekend zijn 30ste verjaardag en ook Ed was hierbij van de partij :)

Galerij Links:
http//: 12 Mei:2015 ABC Upfront
http//: 25 Juli: Chace’s 30th birthday dinner and roast

Grand Opening Of Le Jardin

Connor was begin vorig maand op de Grand Opening Of Le Jardin in L.A.

Galerij Links:
http//: 04 Juni: Grand Opening Of Le Jardin

Chace op events voor ‘Blood & Oil’

Chace zal in de herfst te zien zijn in de nieuwe serie ‘Blood & Oil’ van ABC. Naast de eerst verschenen foto’s van de serie was hij o.a. ook aanwezig op enkele events ter promotie van de serie.

Galerij Links:
http//: 11 Mei: 2015 CAA Upfronts Celebration Party
http//: 14 Mei: Backstage at ‘Finding Neverland’ on Broadway
http//: 17 Mei: Disney Media Distribution International Upfronts
http//: 08 Juni: The SAG Foundation’s 6th Annual Los Angeles Golf Classic
http//: Blood & Oil (2015) > Seizoen 1: Promotieshoot
http//: Blood & Oil (2015) > Seizoen 1: Afleveringsstills

Blake op de cover van Harper’s Bazaar in China

Blake was begin mei nog op een event voor ‘The Age Of Adeline’ in NYC. Enkele dagen later was ze te vinden op een event China, en sierde ze de cover van de Chinese editie van het blad.

Galerij Links:
http//: 04 Mei: ‘The Age Of Adaline’ Press Events
http//: 11 Mei: Movie ‘Log Out’ Beijing Press Conference
http//: Harper’s Bazaar
http//: Juli 2015: Harper’s Bazaar (China)

#UNCHAINME-An Art Bike Show By Martone Cycling Co.

Amanda Setton was eind mei aanwezig op de 21 #UNCHAINME-An Art Bike Show By Martone Cycling Co.

Galerij Links:
http//: 21 Mei: #UNCHAINME-An Art Bike Show By Martone Cycling Co.

Kristen te zien in nieuwe Samsung Reclame

Kelly te gast bij The View


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