Jessica voor ‘Dove’

Dove and “Gossip Girl” actress and fashionista Jessica Szohr are teaming up to give women the confidence to go sleeveless this season with Dove® Ultimate go sleeveless Deodorant, which promises softer, smoother underarms in just five days. Inspiring women to bare their beautiful underarms, Dove and Jessica are hosting the online Dove go sleeveless Fashion Challenge. Using an easy Facebook application, women can design their own sleeveless top for a chance to get their design made to wear, or win the grand prize of a $5,000 New York City shopping trip with Szohr.

“One of the perks of my job is that I have a new appreciation for fashion and completely understand the importance of accessorizing,” said Szohr. “Having a great pair of shoes or fun belt can be just as important as having smooth, soft, beautiful underarms when it comes to my outfit! Dove Ultimate go sleeveless Deodorant is a ‘must-have’ because it helps me care for delicate skin every day and gives me the confidence to wear whatever I like — on set or off.”

The issues identified in the 2010 study led Dove to team up with Jessica Szohr to inspire women to have fun with fashion this season and wear the sleeveless looks they love with confidence. Dove learned that women who care about the appearance of their underarms have more confidence in their overall appearance.

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