Kaylee Defer

Volledige naam: Kaylee Anne DeFer
Geboorte datum: 23 September 1986
Geboorte plaats: Tuscon, Amerika
Sterrenbeeld: Maagd
Lengte: 1.68m
Kleur Haar: Bruin
Kleur Ogen: Bruin
Huwelijkse staat: Vrijgezel
Speelt in Gossip Girl: Charlies Rhodes / Ivy Dickens


Groeide samen met haar 2 broers op een Tuscon, hier kreeg ze een christelijke opvoeding. In 2003 besloot ze naar L.A. te verhuizen om haar acteer droom waar te maken. Sindsdien is Kaylee te zien in verschillende film en tv- series. Kaylee heeft een relatie met Michael Fitzpatrick, muzikant in de band Fitz and The Tantrums. Het stel kondigde in mei 2012 aan in verwachting te zijn van hun eerste kind. Momenteel woont Kaylee in NYC.


2014 – True Love Waits …. Kelly
2012 – Darkroom …. Michelle
2012 – Layover …. Rebecca
2011 – In My Pocket …. Molly
2011 – Red State …. Dana
2011 – Mattie …. Mattie Springer
2010 – Ghosts/Aliens …. Dawn Bayard
2006 Flicka …. Miranda Koop
2006 – The Powder Puff Principle …. Young School Board President
2005 – Underclassman …. Des
2004 – The Deerings …. ?


2011-2012 – Gossip Girl …. Ivy Dickens
– 30 Afleverigen
2011 – Friends with Benefits …. Mary Webber
– The Benefit of Mentors
2010 & 2013 How I Met Your Mother …. Casey
– 2 afleveringen
2010 – CSI: Miami …. Valerie Metcalf
– Getting Axed
2009 – Bones …. Tory Payne
– The Gamer in the Grease
2009 – Ghost Whisperer …. Angie
– This Joint’s Haunted
2008 – Family Guy …. Stem ?
– Tales of a Third Grade Nothing
2007 …. Shark …. Katie Dobbs
– Shaun of the Dead
2005-2007 The War at Home …. Hillary Gold
– 44 afleveringen
2005 – Listen Up …. Brooke
– Inky Dinky Don’t
2004-2005 – The Mountain …. Scarlett
– 6 afleveringen
2004 – Quintuplets …. Stephanie
– Battle of the Bands
– The Sixth Quint
2004 – North Shore …. Emily
– Secret Service (2004)
2004 – Drake & Josh …. Cute Girl
– Guitar (2004)


(on her doing DMX)
I wanted to do everything my brothers did, so I used to ride BMX,

Yeah. It’s funny because most of the time when a show takes place in New York and it’s filmed in LA, a lot of people hold grudges against those shows and I don’t blame them. But that’s always fascinating to me.
(when asked if she would like to appear in action movies)

Here’s my thing. It’s always been a dream of mine to be a superhero or a villain in something comic book-related. Who wouldn’t want to kick some ass?
(on comic books)

I love comic books but I didn’t grow up reading the sci-fi comic books. I stuck to the more girly ones like “Betty and Veronica”. (on her role in “Flicka”)

I guess you could call it supporting lead. I play the girlfriend of Ryan Kwanten. Alison Lohman, Ryan and I get together to help get the horse back. I haven’t really seen it, so in all honesty, I don’t want to be like, “Yeah. I have this huge part” and then it comes out in theaters and I’m cut out.
(on her doing BMX races)

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona so I was always going to the dirt bike and BMX races growing up. I think it’s always been something that’s really fun for me to do. I wanted to do everything my brothers did so I used to ride BMX. When I seven or eight my dad got me a little mini BMX bike and I used to ride around on it with my brothers. The first time I got on it, my dad told me where the brake was the gas and all this stuff.
I’m like, “OK, OK.” He’s like, “This is the clutch and you do this and whatnot.” I’m trying really hard to remember where everything is on this bike. He’s like, “All right. Are you ready? Now, just squeeze the clutch a little bit.”
So I squeezed it way too hard and I took off. I’m going straight for a pole and I’m screaming. I’m like, “Dad! I don’t know where the brake is! Where’s the brake? Where’s the brake?” I’m freaking out. My uncle grabbed me off the bike and the bike just went straight into a pole. My dad was like, “I don’t know if I should’ve ever done this.”
(on the criticism regarding “The War at Home”)

No matter what you do, there’s always going to be people that are going to be against it. Everybody has their own opinion on everything. You can’t make everyone happy. But it’s a sitcom and sitcoms are supposed to make people laugh. When you watch the show you got to step out of your box and laugh at the issues.
I realize that the things we discuss on this show are often controversial, whatever that means nowadays, but you got to laugh. They might be serious issues in a real life, but it’s a TV show and we’re trying to make light of issues that most people take very seriously. A lot of people might have some problems with that and we realize that. But if you have a problem, then don’t watch.
(on her audition for “The War at Home”)

I don’t think so. When I was auditioning, I was really sick so my guard was down. I was just goofing around and being really sassy towards everybody. I didn’t want to be there really. I wanted to be back in my bed. The audition was with [War at Home creator] Rob Lotterstein and the producers. Rob was like, “I can’t believe you’re sick.
I don’t even want to know what you’re like when you’re well.” I’m like, “Oh, honey, you should be terrified.” He knew then and there that I had to have the part. So it was really funny. I guess they really liked that sassy quality. They knew I was able to play a teenage girl that’s coming into her own.
(on the show “The War at Home”)

It’s wonderful. The entire cast is just a bunch of goofs. We’re all just a bunch of big kids and we just have a good time. Even the writers, producers and Andy [Cadiff] the director all have a really great time. This is my first job as a regular on a TV show so I don’t have anything to compare it to.
But from what everybody else has been telling me, this doesn’t really happen very often where everyone gets along and everybody has fun and we don’t work late hours. It’s just such an ideal job and it’s been so much fun. We finish filming all of our shows for the first season March 3rd.
(Speaking of the cast of The War at Home)


- Is te zien in Jesse McCartney’s video, Just So You Know .
- Kaylee heeft verschillende tatoeages
- Rijd op BMX fietsen en deed vroeger meer aan races.
- Verhuisde in 2003 naar Los Angeles.
- Ging naar Desert Christian High School in Lancaster.
- Was in 2004 te zien Papa John’s Pizza reclamespotje
- Was te zien in een Japanse Honda Reclame
- Haar favoriete boek is Betty and Veronica.
- Is Christelijk opgevoed.