Matthew Settle

Volledige naam: : Jeffref Matthew Settle
Geboorte datum: 17 September 1969
Geboorte plaats: Hickory, Amerika 
Sterrenbeeld: Maagd
Lengte: 1.65 m
Kleur Haar: Bruin
Kleur Ogen: Bruin
- Vader: Dr. Robert Settle
- Moeder: Joan Settle
- Vrouw: Naama Nativ
- Dochter: Aven Angelica Settle
Huwelijkse staat: Getrouwd
Speelt in Gossip Girl: Rufus Humphrey


Matthew is het meest bekend door zijn rol als Capt. Ronald Speirs in Band of Brothers en als Rufus Humphrey in Gossip Girl.

Op zijn achttiende verhuisde Settle naar New York om te acteren. In 1996 heeft hij zijn eerste rol te pakken in de televisieserie Shaughnessy. Hierna speelt hij vooral in televisiefilms. In 1998 maakt hij zijn filmdebuut in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. Bij het grote publiek raakt hij in 2001 bekend door zijn rol als Kapitein Ronald Speirs in de HBO-miniserie Band of Brothers. In 2004 maakt hij zijn presentatiedebuut in Decisive Battles als voice-over. Sinds 2007 speelt hij Rufus Humphrey in Gossip Girl.

Hij trouwde in 2006 in het geheim met de Israëlische actrice/model Naama Nativ. Op 5 maart 2009 is hun eerst dochter Aven Angelica Settle geboren.


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TV Series
2007-2012 – Gossip Girl …. Rufus Humphrey
– 121 alfleveringen
2007 – The Wedding Bells …. Michael Madison
– Partly Cloudy, with a Chance of Disaster
– For Whom the Bells Toll
2006 – Brothers & Sisters …. Jonathan Sellers
– 5 afleveringen
2006 – Secrets of a Small Town …. Nash
– Pilot
2005 – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit …. Jackson Zane
– Storm
2005 – Into the West …. Jacob Wheeler
– Dreams and Schemes
– Manifest Destiny
– Wheel to the Stars
2004 – Decisive Battles …. Host
– Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
2003 – CSI: Miami …. Art Pickering
– Death Grip
2003 – The Practice …. Russell Bakey
– Heroes and Villains
– Special Deliveries
– Choirboys
2002 – ER …. Brian Westlake
– 5 afleveringen
2001 – Band of Brothers …. Capt. Ronald Speirs
- 6 afleveringen


Women are to be loved, not understood.

I think it best to use caution and start thinking about our future and our children and our children’s children, so we need to start now. Our children are already being affected. We need to conserve our natural resources. We need to look after the world and find alternative answers.

(on rebelling as a teenager by cranking up the radio in his father’s church van) Part of that (driving) was to (give me the opportunity to) listen to rock music. The other reason was that I just wanted to drive the van.

(on what attracted him in doing “Into the West”) My first thought was about the hardships the people suffered. So finding a way to bring my character to life in that world was a challenge and very difficult but enjoyable.

My wife laughed at my jokes. I’m secretly a clown, or maybe it’s not much of a secret! I’m a little putzo as the Italians say, a little bit loopy. I can be bouncing off the walls at times, and she’s right there to catch me.
Matthew: (on what he thinks about high school life) It’s when you start to feel like an adult, and choices you make start to shape your life. I don’t think you realize it then, though. You realize it now, looking back.

I like Westerns that delve into the characters of the time in a real way – not so much about an overblown hero and a bad guy.

(what he learned from doing “Into the West”) What I learned was the degree of sacredness that the Lakota people had in everything they did, in every aspect of life. That’s something we can use in our modern culture. Maybe a few less Humvees and a few more Priuses.

(on doing “Band of Brothers”) When you do a Spielberg project, you realize that more than you being in a Spielberg film or being a part of something that’s got his name on it is that it’s probably going to be a cultural contribution, and that’s when it takes on a life of its own.

The pressure is to bring a voice to your character, to find out something more about humanity, and then you contribute that to yourself. So it’s not about your performance. It’s not about you. It’s about this character.

(on the series “Into the West”) What’s great about this series and the approach is that it deals with the dichotomy of two worlds and two ways of living, and how ultimately one had to give way. The reality is that history is not as black and white as other Westerns have made it.

(on being part of “Band of Brothers”) I know Spielberg has an intense aptitude for transforming dreams into reality, and I wanted to be part of that experience.

(commentary on American history) Not every move that was made by the Native Americans and the pioneers was cruel, nor should all their actions be venerated. Some were and some were not.


- Heeft samen gewoont met ‘Band of Brothers’ co-ster Eion Bailey.
- Heeft 2 honden en 1 kat
- Zijn nickname is Mattie Boy