Chuck Bass wint een Emmy?

The CW is een campange begonnen om de jury van de Emmy Awards ook een kijkje te laten nemen naar hun series in de hoop een Emmy Award in de wacht te slepen.

Now here’s a thought that just might make your ascot go all askew: Chuck Bass, holding an Emmy.

House-web The CW, home of shows like “Gossip Girl,” “Smallville” and “America’s Next Top Model,” has launched its first official Emmy campaign. Which means the network — on the record — wants the Emmy people to consider actors like Leighton Meester and Ian Somerhalder alongside the casts of, say, “Mad Men” or “Dexter” or “House M.D.”

Now, for the record, nobody knows how to sling sexually laced double entendres while simultaneously riding in the back of a limo — the CW equivalent of walking and chewing gum at the same time — like Chuck Bass-portrayer Ed Westwick. But an Emmy? Really?

Actually, yeah. An Emmy. Really.

Observe while Preach it! makes its point and insults the fans of “House” at the same time:

The best thing about “House” isn’t the acting. It’s the writing. It’s watching Hugh Laurie spout lines like, “I know you’re in there; I can hear you caring.” Laurie routinely overplays such bon mots, and yet fans have been outraged year after year when he’s been passed over for an Emmy. Westwick, meanwhile, is given the same kind of love from his show’s writers, but he wisely underplays many of his lines instead of sending them over the top.

Of course neither Laurie or Westwick have anywhere near the set of chops that …
… Bryan Cranston whipped out for “Breaking Bad” — a feat that won him the Emmy two years in a row. But Preach It!’s point is this: If it’s between Laurie and Westwick next year, give the Emmy to Westwick.

Andre-crop Here’s another argument in favor of an Emmy for the CW: Andre Leon Talley. He made his reality TV debut this year as a judge for “Top Model,” and in mere moments banished all dreckitude, turning the panel room into his own personal salon of fashion history and highbrow taste (rayon graduation robes notwithstanding).

There is no Emmy category for outstanding judging in a reality competition show. But there should be. Talley should be the only nominee — and the only winner.

Chace gearresteerd voor het bezit van drug

Chace is afgelopen week gearresteerd voor het in het bezit hebben van marijuana. Hij is inmiddels op vrije voeten maar riskeerd een maximale staf van 180 dagen gevangenis en $2,000 boete!

What a dope. Um, XOXO.

Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford was arrested in his hometown of Plano, Texas, early this morning after cops allegedly found him in possession of marijuana.

Here’s what happened:

The bust went down while Crawford and a buddy were chilling in a ‘03 Nissan outside of Ringo’s Pub. (There’s no word on the friend’s identity, but it’s safe to say it was not Mexican travel buddy Tony Romo.)

Police allege he had less than 2 ounces of pot on him. One source tells E! News it was just a single joint.

Crawford managed to spring himself just after 1 a.m., albeit not before leaving the Internet with that gift that keeps on giving, a celeb mug shot.

“He is not in custody,” Plano police told E! News. “He already bailed out early this a.m.”

The maximum sentence for misdemeanor pot-possession is 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.

Source: eonline

Chace in LA Condidential Magazine

Chace Crawford is that aburdly rare combination of so ridiculously handsome girls love him, so cool guys don’t hate him and so down-to-earth he seems like the approachable boy next door. Perhaps that’s why we haven’t taken our eyes off him since he first hit the small screen in the CW’s muchloved, much-hyped, Upper East Side drama Gossip Girl. But these days it seems Crawford is shedding his privileged prepschool skin and revealing Chace Crawford 2.0—the sexier, more adult version. Take Twelve, his new movie out in June, also starring Kiefer Sutherland and 50 Cent, in which he plays a well-connected uptown kid (oh wait, that’s not that different) who sells drugs and watches his life unravel after the death of his cousin (now we’re talking).

We sat down with Crawford while he was in LA on a break from the New York City-based Gossip Girl to find out what he loves about the City of Angels, what working with 50 Cent is really like and if Serena and Nate will go the distance (although we think we know the answer to that one).

LOS ANGELES CONFIDENTIAL: You lived here when you went to Pepperdine University. Now you’re based in New York for Gossip Girl; do you like coming back to LA?
CHACE CRAWFORD: I love being in LA. New York and LA are polar opposites. I’m a Dallas boy, so for the weather, LA is where it’s at. I think the New York winters may end up driving me back out to the West Coast. What makes Hollywood Hollywood is the weather. The sun kind of hits you different out here, so every time I come here it’s rejuvenating.

LAC: In your film Twelve, out this July, you play a young drug dealer. Why was this a role you wanted to take on?
CC: It’s a complete departure for me. The character grew up with the privilege and the money, but his father is running the family’s bankrupt business, and his mom was stricken with cancer and battled that and died. So he’s almost forced to sell marijuana, and he doesn’t even know what he’s doing. He’s in over his head. It’s good for me because it’s a heroic figure, but it’s a pretty tragic, dark, melodramatic movie. There are a lot of really comedic parts in it, and it almost goes over the top to make fun of the Gossip Girl crowd. [The film] is so campy and funny, it’s silly, and then when it’s contrasted with the dark reality of one of the girl characters spiraling emotionally into this tailspin, it’s very tragic. It was a lot of fun—very liberating. It’s kind of a Less Than Zero for our generation.

LAC: Working with 50 Cent has to be pretty different from working with Ed Westwick and Blake Lively. Tell us a little bit about the experience.
CC: I get shot in the movie, and [50 Cent] and [actress] Emily Meade are involved in this scene where I bust in. And when it came time to do it, I basically only had one try at it, and so I guess I got really excited. I didn’t even notice my behavior, but he did. And I was running around asking, “How did we do? How was the angle?” And [50 Cent] turns to Emily and—with the biggest smirk—is like, “Shit! Chace has never been shot before, has he?” [Laughs] Oh, God, I died. That’s how he is. He’s just a big jokester. [50 Cent] is like Mr. Nice Guy Next Door. He gives everyone a big hug, makes sure everyone’s having fun and keeps it light. I remember the day I was driving homefrom school and his first CD came on. I absolutely loved him, so [working with him] was pretty surreal.

LAC: Turning to Gossip Girl, you and Serena finally really got together this season. When you and Blake saw the script, did you have a sense of, Yay, finally?
CC: I think it was almost more like, On to the next one. They’ve given her 15 game-player boyfriends, and they’ve given me everyone in the cast. It’s funny because in a certain sense our characters are very similar, and it kind of just makes sense. I was also pumped because Blake and I are good friends, and it’s just fun; we have a blast working together.

LAC: You live in a world where you are constantly in the public eye and dealing with the paparazzi. How do you handle it?
CC: In the minefield of cell-phone cameras, iPhone cameras and TMZ, it’s all so instantaneous now. It’s not worth trying to walk on eggshells and cut corners, so you either live a certain lifestyle or you don’t and hang out with certain people or you don’t. I’m single in New York, and [my castmates and I] are all in our mid-twenties, so it’s not feasible to say we’re not going to go out and have fun. It’s just how you do it and how you conduct yourself. It annoys me because you start to develop a certain kind of paranoia, and it’s a subconscious thing. I hate that. You sort of have to work through it and deal with it because it’s inevitable. And most of the time the stuff that’s said is 80 to 90 percent false. Even if it has a seed of truth, most of the stuff they spin it with is false, so it’s funny to see how that culture works. It’s definitely easier to get lost in the cracks and be incognito [in New York] than it is in LA, though.

LAC: Are there any restaurants you like to go to when you’re in LA?
CC: King’s Road Cafe, that’s one of my all-time favorites. I get the blackenedchicken salad—and their coffee is like crack! It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had. Then you have Hugo’s Restaurant. It’s just nice, good, clean food—that’s one thing they don’t have in New York is clean food. It’s hard to eat clean and not be pounding spaghetti and pizza all the time.

LAC: What’s next for you?
CC: I’m kind of playing it by ear. I think I might drive the car out to Texas this weekend. Just sort of hit the road and clear the head. And relax.

Ed en Jessica toch uit elkaar?

Ed Westwick en Jessica Szohr zouden toch uit elkaar zijn. In een interview met BBC Radio 1 liet Ed het weten dat hij geen vriendin heeft. Op de vraag of hij dat wel zou willen vertelde hij ‘nee want je krijgt er zo’n hoofdpijn van’.

Er is nog niets officieel bekent over de breuk tussen Ed en Jessica, dus het blijft een beetje gissen. Het kan best zijn dat ze nog steeds goede vrienden zijn en samen op stap zijn zo af en toe.


Hier de laatste appereances/candids die zijn verschenen van Kelly, Kristen en Michelle.

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Leighton achter de schermen bij Grazia (Video)

Leighton op bezoek bij Grazia

Leighton heeft een nieuwe fotoshoot gehad voor het blad Grazia, die het volgende op hun site liet weten! Scans van het tijdschrift staan in de galerij!

I recently spent the day holed up in a private suite of London’s Berkley hotel with Leighton Meester – aka Blair Waldorf (check out this week’s Grazia to read all about it).

For those of you that are fans of Gossip Girl, you’ll no doubt have a love/hate thing going on with Blair. On the one hand the uptight upper east sider is so machavelian, she makes Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls look like Mary Poppins. On the other hand there’s her immaculate buttoned-up fashion, creamy skin, manicured brows, and hair so shiny and perfect it would take the prize at Crufts. The later is evidently why she’s scored a lucrative deal with Herbal Essences.

According to her hair dresser Charles Baker Strahan, her mother used it on her as a child, he reintroduced her to it (she loves the smell), and the rest is history.

In real life Leighton is more Mary Poppins than Blair Waldorf; polite and agreeable – accomodating our numerous requests to check out her makeup bag (her go-to buy is Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturiser), go through her London wardrobe (she lives for fierce shoes) and sniff perfumes in search of her new season favourite – Issey Miyake The scent fyi (see the video below).

Whilst Blair is perfectly groomed Leighton is more tracky bottoms and bed-head hair. Blair is low carb, and low fat, whilst Leighton ordered soup and bread, with a side of chips!

Despite the differences, I did pick up a few Blairisms from my time with Ms Meester. One must wear heels at all times – hence why she says she always fits in time to have regular mani-pedi’s. ‘It makes you feel dressed,’ she tells me. Treat your hair like your skin and give it regular masks (Herbal Hello Hydration), and when it comes to anti-ageing procedures less is more and never say never.

Beauty advice to live by I think.

Glossip Girl x

Check out the results from our shoot with Leighton in the new issue of Grazia, out now!

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Ed & Jessica in Londen!

Ed Westwick en Jessica Szohr zijn zo te zien toch echt niet uit elkaar! Het stel werd samen gespot toen ze het Soho Hotel verlieten in Londen! Vorige maand verschenen er geruchten dat het stel uit elkaar zou zijn omdat Jessica vreemd was gegaan. Sindsdien is het tweetal weer meerdere malen gespot door de paparazzi!

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Extra ‘Teen Vouge’ outtakes

Er zijn extra outtakes verschenen van Leighton’s fotoshoot met Teen Vouge uit 2008!

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“Hot Summer Night” CW promo

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