Ed en Jessica toch uit elkaar?

Ed Westwick en Jessica Szohr zouden toch uit elkaar zijn. In een interview met BBC Radio 1 liet Ed het weten dat hij geen vriendin heeft. Op de vraag of hij dat wel zou willen vertelde hij ‘nee want je krijgt er zo’n hoofdpijn van’.

Er is nog niets officieel bekent over de breuk tussen Ed en Jessica, dus het blijft een beetje gissen. Het kan best zijn dat ze nog steeds goede vrienden zijn en samen op stap zijn zo af en toe.


Hier de laatste appereances/candids die zijn verschenen van Kelly, Kristen en Michelle.

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Leighton achter de schermen bij Grazia (Video)

Leighton op bezoek bij Grazia

Leighton heeft een nieuwe fotoshoot gehad voor het blad Grazia, die het volgende op hun site liet weten! Scans van het tijdschrift staan in de galerij!

I recently spent the day holed up in a private suite of London’s Berkley hotel with Leighton Meester – aka Blair Waldorf (check out this week’s Grazia to read all about it).

For those of you that are fans of Gossip Girl, you’ll no doubt have a love/hate thing going on with Blair. On the one hand the uptight upper east sider is so machavelian, she makes Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls look like Mary Poppins. On the other hand there’s her immaculate buttoned-up fashion, creamy skin, manicured brows, and hair so shiny and perfect it would take the prize at Crufts. The later is evidently why she’s scored a lucrative deal with Herbal Essences.

According to her hair dresser Charles Baker Strahan, her mother used it on her as a child, he reintroduced her to it (she loves the smell), and the rest is history.

In real life Leighton is more Mary Poppins than Blair Waldorf; polite and agreeable – accomodating our numerous requests to check out her makeup bag (her go-to buy is Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturiser), go through her London wardrobe (she lives for fierce shoes) and sniff perfumes in search of her new season favourite – Issey Miyake The scent fyi (see the video below).

Whilst Blair is perfectly groomed Leighton is more tracky bottoms and bed-head hair. Blair is low carb, and low fat, whilst Leighton ordered soup and bread, with a side of chips!

Despite the differences, I did pick up a few Blairisms from my time with Ms Meester. One must wear heels at all times – hence why she says she always fits in time to have regular mani-pedi’s. ‘It makes you feel dressed,’ she tells me. Treat your hair like your skin and give it regular masks (Herbal Hello Hydration), and when it comes to anti-ageing procedures less is more and never say never.

Beauty advice to live by I think.

Glossip Girl x

Check out the results from our shoot with Leighton in the new issue of Grazia, out now!

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Ed & Jessica in Londen!

Ed Westwick en Jessica Szohr zijn zo te zien toch echt niet uit elkaar! Het stel werd samen gespot toen ze het Soho Hotel verlieten in Londen! Vorige maand verschenen er geruchten dat het stel uit elkaar zou zijn omdat Jessica vreemd was gegaan. Sindsdien is het tweetal weer meerdere malen gespot door de paparazzi!

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Extra ‘Teen Vouge’ outtakes

Er zijn extra outtakes verschenen van Leighton’s fotoshoot met Teen Vouge uit 2008!

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“Hot Summer Night” CW promo

Ed te gast bij “GMTV”

Joanna Garcia is verloofd

Joanna Garcia is verloof met NY Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher, zo meld People. Verdere details zij nog niet bekend. Joanna was in seizoen 3 te zien als Bree Buckley.

FHM Hot 100!

De lijst “FHM Hot 100′ is bekent en zowel Blake als Leighton hebben een plek bemachtigd!

#10 Leighton Meester (new entry)

This diamond in the rough hasn’t always had it as easy as her character Blair Waldorf, in hit TV teen drama Gossip Girl. She was actually born inside prison walls while her mother served a federal jail sentence for being involved in a drug ring. But the leggy, free-spirited brunette is proud of her parents and her upbringing despite their time spent locked-up.

#5 Blake Lively (up 34 places)

Yes, her name sounds like something a drill instructor might bellow. But the fact this 22-year-old is even on your radar is testament to her perfect Californian looks and body: so far her biggest film role was in The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. Shit. But hold on: she has just been cast as Carol Ferris in the up-coming superhero film Green Lantern, opposite Ryan Reynolds. Which means – nerd alert – she’ll later become the cool villain Star Sapphire. And that means – gay alert – you can now legitimately watch her in Gossip Girl as ‘research’.

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