Michelle appereances

Hier zijn de laatste appereances van Michelle Trachtenberg.

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http//: 30 Aprill: Art of Elysium Bright Lights with VERSUS
http//: 05 Mei: David Yurman 30th Anniversary Celebration

Kristen candids

Hier zijn de laatste candids van Kristen Bell

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http//: 29 April: Verlaat haar appartment in L.A.
http//: 5 Mei: Laat haar hond uit in Griffith Park, L.A.

Ed candids

Hier zijn de laatste candids van Ed Westwick.

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http//: 04 Mei: Arriveert op LAX vliegveld in L.A.
http//: 05 Mei: Uit in Hollywood

Photoshoots update

Er zijn extra outtakes verschenen van Jessica’s shoot voor YBR magazine (dankzij jessica-szohr.com) en outtakes van Leighton’s Herbal Essence shoot.

Galerij Links:
http//: 2009 – YRB Magazine
http//: 2010 – “Herbal Essences” Campaign Shoot
http//: 2010 – “Herbal Essences” Campaign Shoot (Achter de Schermen)

Taylor vind niet erg als nummers in GG komen

Taylor Momsen heeft aangeven het niet erg te vinden als nummers van haar band “The Pretty Reckless” te horen zijn in afleveringen van ‘Gossip Girl’.

Taylor Momsen has said that she would happily let her new single be used in an episode of Gossip Girl.

Earlier this year, a track by Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) was used on the show.

Momsen has now claimed that she would be pleased if her band The Pretty Reckless also made it on to the soundtrack.

“[There are] no plans at the moment that I know of, but if they want to put it in the show I am not going to stop them,” she told On The Red Carpet.

“I mean, it’s not pop, it’s very, very rock to say the least. You know, if they can find a spot for it absolutely, it would be awesome.”

Momsen has previously admitted that her role in Gossip Girl is currently “up in the air”.

Bron: digitalspy

Taylor: Gaat niet weg bij Gossip Girl

Taylor Momsen verlaat Gossip Girl niet. De reden dat zijn in het vierde seizoen van de serie in enkele afleveringen niet te zien is, is omdat ze aan het touren is met haar band. In een interview met Digitalspy verteld de actrice meer over haar ervaringen over de serie.

Taylor Momsen has revealed that she has enjoyed her time on Gossip Girl.

The actress has previously suggested that she is “done” with the show and claimed that her return next season is “up in the air”.

However, speaking to Access Hollywood, Momsen played down rumours that she is planning to leave the show and explained that she will miss a few episodes next season because she will be touring with her band The Pretty Reckless.

“The show’s been really great and I’m going to be missing from a little bit of it because I am finishing the Warped Tour,” she said. “I’m on tour this summer and the show starts back up during the middle of the tour.”

Momsen also said that her arc on the series has been “really great”.

“I’ve had such a great time playing Jenny because she is the most transformational character,” she continued. “She’s the one who transforms the most and is constantly kind of reinventing herself from figuring out who she is.

“This season, she kind of hits a peak of insanity and loses her mind a little bit and I think the audience will be very shocked and surprised to see where the story goes.”

Source: digitalspy

Nieuw promo voor laatste afleveringen – UK

Leighton promoot Herbal Essences in Madrid

Leighton Meester was gisteren bij een event in Madrid, Spanje. Dit was ter promotie van de producten van Herbal Essences.

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http//: 05 Mei: Promoting Herbal Essences in Madrid

3×21 webclips

Taylor on ‘Frock Me’

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