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Chace te gast bij Today Show
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Chace terug naar LA na einde GG
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Chace Crawford is getting ready to pack his bags and leave New York.
He’s had a nice run in the Big Apple, but the Gossip Girl hottie is ready to move on…
Crawford, 26, says he’s planning on relocating to Los Angeles when the upcoming sixth—and probably final—season of Gossip Girl wraps at the end of the year.
“It’s going to be sad to leave New York,” Crawford told me the other day when I caught up with him at Culina restaurant at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. “You can’t get any better than being in your early 20s and living in New York City and sort of having the keys to it.”
We imagine snagging more movie roles will make it all worth it. Crawford will soon be seen in What to Expect When You’re Expecting (out May 18) playing a food truck chef who gets a fellow chef (Anna Kendrick) pregnant during a one-night stand.
Babies have been on Crawford’s mind more than usual these days—he became an uncle on April 9 when sister Candice gave birth to her and her football star hubby Tony Romo’s first kid, Hawkins.
“I love being an uncle,” Crawford said. “My uncle-dom has just started. They won’t let me feed him candy just yet, but I also found out real quick there’s rules to having a human being and being responsible. Without sounding cliché, it is life-changing.”
Even better, his parents are first-time grandparents. “It took all the pressure off of me,” Crawford laughed. “My phone isn’t ringing anymore.”
Doesn’t sound like he’ll be having a kid of his own anytime soon anyway.
“The trick is finding the right girl,” Crawford said. “That’s the hard part.”

“Peace, Love And Misunderstandings” Trailer
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Seizoen 6 press release!
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Six years after the first Gossip Girl blast rocked the Upper East Side and viewers at home, GOSSIP GIRL, a one-hour drama about the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite, executive produced by Josh Schwartz (Chuck, The O.C.), Stephanie Savage (The O.C.), Sara Goodman, Bob Levy and Les Morgenstein, returns for an unforgettable final season.
Season six opens with the Upper East Siders working together to find one of their own. Serena has gone off the grid, beyond even the reach of Gossip Girl. Her friends fear for the worst and hope for the best, but even they can’t imagine where they will ultimately find her. Meanwhile, Blair has offered Chuck her heart, but is her love enough to help him win back his empire? Lonely Boy Dan has written a new book that promises to make even more trouble than the first, and this time he has no desire to remain anonymous. Nate is determined to finally reveal the true identity of Gossip Girl, thereby making a name for The Spectator, and himself. Lily and Rufus turn on one another when Rufus makes a surprising new ally who threatens Lily and her family. Anywhere else it would be too much drama to handle, but this is the Upper East Side. And when Bart Bass, Jack Bass and Georgina Sparks show up to raise hell, it’s a fight to the spectacular series finale. Who comes out on top? That’s one secret I’ll never tell… xoxo, Gossip Girl.
The series stars Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen, Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf, Penn Badgley as Dan Humphrey, Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald, Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass, Kaylee Defer as Charlie Rhodes, Kelly Rutherford as Lily van der Woodsen and Matthew Settle as Rufus Humphrey. Filmed in New York and based on the popular series of young-adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar, GOSSIP GIRL is from Fake Empire and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios with executive producers Josh Schwartz (“Chuck,” “The O.C.”), Stephanie Savage (“The O.C.”), Leslie Morgenstein (“The Vampire Diaries”), Bob Levy (“The Vampire Diaries”) and Sara Goodman (“Reunion”).

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Ik zal deze week proberen om alle laatste foto’s die van de cast zijn verschenen zoals appereances, candids, fotoshoots ect. toe te voegen in de galerij! Daarnaast zal ik ook de foto’s van Amanda Setton (Penelope) en Zuzanna Szadkowski (Dorota) toe voegen in de galerij, aangezien zij de meeste stemmen kregen in de enquete waarop 4 maanden lang gestemd kon worden door de bezoekers.

‘Hick’ trailer
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Hier de trailer van Blake’s nieuwste film ‘Hick’

Leighton gaat touren!
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Leighton gaat op tour met de band Check in The Dark! Hieronder enkele tourdata!

Tues., May 29 | Seattle, WA | Showbox at the Market
Wed., May 30 | Vancouver, BC | Vogue Theatre
Thurs., May 31 | Portland, OR | Hawthorne Theatre
Fri., June 1 | San Francisco, CA | Slims
Mon., June 4 | Anaheim, CA | House of Blues

“My Body Of Water” Campagne
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Leighton doet mee aan de nieuwe campagne “My Body Of Water”

ANYBODY OF WATER is an educational campaign designed to mobilize citizens to protect our clean water and raise public awareness about the accelerating development of extreme fossil fuel extraction methods in the the U.S., in particular hydro-fracking (or hydraulic fracturing).
Hydro-fracking is a technique commonly used for the extraction natural gas in order to induce rock fracture through a high pressure injection of water mixed with sand and chemicals. The water and sand used for hydraulic fracturing may contain as many as 250 chemicals, many of which we have no knowledge of and have been proven harmful to humans and other forms of life. These chemicals leak from fracture sites into underground water systems and become part of the planets water cycle.
It is critical that fossil fuel extraction industries comply with fundamental health regulations. We are organizing with environmental groups and non-profits nationwide, experts, policy makers, and legislators to protect our water supplies from intrinsically contaminating modern methods of fossil fuel extraction.
The ANYBODY OF WATER PSA has been produced by I HEART H2O in association with I AM PICTURES to raise awareness about the urgency to protect New York City’s water supply from the risk of contamination. The PSA is supported by the CITIZENS FOR WATER Foundation in association with Damascus Citizens and NYH2O, who’s mission is to ensure the protection and preservation of America’s water supplies for future generations.

Stills 5×23 & 5×24
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De stills van de laatste 2 afleveringen van seizoen 5 zijn toegevoegd in de galerij!

Galerij Links:
http//: 5×23 – The Fugitives
http//: 5×24 – The Return of the Ring

5×24 Clips
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