5×20 – 5×22 stills

De laatst verschenen stills van seizoen 5 zijn toegevoegd in de galerij!

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http//: 5×20 – Salon of The Dead
http//: 5×21 – Despicable B
http//: 5×22 – Raiders of the Lost Art

5×19 Stills

De eerste stills van de aflevering 5×19 zijn verschenen!

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http//: 5×19 – It Girl, Interrupted

5×20 clips

“Share the Love, Join The Fight” Campaign

Leighton Meester has joined forces with Vera Wang to support bone marrow centre DKMS.
The Gossip Girl star – who is the face of the fashion house- is teaming up with the founder of DKMS Katharina Harf and Vera Wang to raise awareness on the need for bone marrow donors.
Vera Wang has designed a T-shirt with the words “Share the Love” for the campaign. The shirt comes as a gift with a $78 purchase from Vera Wang’s fragrance collection Lovestruck. The offer begins March 28 at Macy’s.
Leighton will feature in the campaign to promote the effort with Kerri Mullen, a 19-year-old leukaemia survivor who was saved by a bone marrow donation from a DKMS donor. DKMS is touted as the world’s largest marrow donor centre.
“‘Share the love’ is an altruistic idea of love – it’s about giving the gift of life to a stranger,” Leighton said, according to WWD.
Leighton is the face of Lovestruck and has previously told of her shock at being approached by Vera to be an ambassador for the product.
“I was at one of her shows and she mouthed to me across the runway, ‘I want to talk to you’ I was like, ‘OMG, what does Vera Wang want to talk to me about?’ I thought I’d done something wrong!” she said.
“The next day, I got a call asking if I wanted to represent her new fragrance.”
The beauty has said she is thrilled to be representing the scent.
“I love her clothes and obviously when I first smelt Lovestruck I loved it too! It’s got an edginess that really appealed to me,” she gushed.

5×19 clips

Keert Vanessa weer terug naar de Upper East Side?

Jessica Zsohr sluit een terugkeer naar ‘Gossip Girl’ niet uit zo laat ze in een interview weten.

We’ve got guest-stars of yore returning in spades in the all-new episodes to come in Season 5 of Gossip Girl (Jack Bass! Bart Bass! Georginaaa! Oh my!). But three notable major players remain markedly absent from our weekly dose of life on the Upper East Side – and we’re getting kinda curious if they’ll ever be back!
One such notable is the lady who set many-a problem into play before her timely departure, Ms. Vanessa Abrams. And though nothing is for sure about a return, Jessica Szhor – who played V through four seasons – isn’t ruling it out!
Jessica told E! Online recently, “I’m not really sure what’s going on with that, but I just know that Vanessa went to Barcelona and caused so much drama. But you never know with that show what’ll happen. She might stay there, she might come back.”
Suuurely with (likely) just one season left, GG will pull out some big returns for the final season, right? Would you want Vanessa back on the scene? We can’t help but be a little curious how she’d react to the whole business of Dan and Blair being together for realsies…

‘Savages’ trailer

Hier is de trailer van van Blake nieuwe film ‘Savages’.

Gefeliciteerd Leighton!

Hierbij willen wij Leighton alsnog feliciteren! Ze werd afgelopen maandag 26 jaar!

99% Spring PSA

Check out Penn Badgley, Zoe Kravitz, and Olivia Wilde in a PSA for 99% Spring.
The video highlights a week-long campaign where more than 1,000 grassroots organizations will be coming together to train 100,000 people in non-violent direction action.
“Peaceful resistance is one of the most powerful levers of democracy. We saw it last year in Wisconsin, with Keystone tar sands protests, and we saw it in full bloom with the Occupy movement,” the three actors say in the clip.
“Change won’t come from a boardroom or from Washington D.C.,” they added. “Change happens because people put their beliefs and bodies on the line. Are you ready? Are you in? Go to the the99spring.com. Sign up. Learn how to do non-violent direction action. And lets all make this a Spring to remember.”

The Pretty Reckless – “Hit Me Like A Man”

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